Nano materials

Nanomaterials are chemical substances or materials in which at least one-dimension measures less than 100nm.These materials are of high importance nowadays in most fields such as Medicine, Chemotherapy, Drug delivery, Manufacturing processes, Paints, etc., because of their novel characteristics like increased strength, Chemical reactivity or conductivity. Nanomaterials can occur naturally and can also be artificially made. Ultrafine particles are those naturally occurring nanomaterials that results as by-products of combustion processes. Some of the ultrafine particles are,Volcanic ash,Soot from forest fires,Welding,Diesel engines.

Artificially made nanomaterials are those which are engineered for an intention with the physio-chemical properties for a specific purpose or function. The methods of preparing nanomaterials also differ based on the purpose. Nanotechnology is highly used in detecting devices as their nanostructure with greater surface area per weight allows the electrical properties of the detecting elements to be changed easily. Nanotechnology controls matter at the atomic and molecular scale. Several applications of nanomaterials are as follows.

  • Bacteria sensors
  • To trap oil spills
  • Rapid disease diagnostics
  • Nanotube polymer to speed up replacement of bones

Nanoparticles are used extensively in catalysis to boost up chemical reactions. Polymer based nanomaterials have high significance in Analytical Chemistry and research as they can amplify the sensitivity, and improve the stability of traditional materials and methods. Nanomaterials are one of the best cleaning agent for the environment. They are used in water purification processes, detect chemical and biological agents in the soil and air, desalination. Materials can be made to be stronger, lighter, more durable, more reactive, better electrical conductors using nanotechnology.

  • Nano topography
  • Nanozymes
  • CoNTub
  • Molecular beam epitaxy
  • Nanomedicines
  • Fullerenes

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